Permanent Lights – Infinity lighting

As a professional Christmas light installer, I had been skeptical of any permanent light products. Christmas light installation is a recurring job that happens every year, so why would I want to install anything only once? That is until I came across the Infinity Light system. All I can say is WOW!!!! If I could install these on every home in the valley I would. In fact currently  I am the only installer of these specific lights in all of Idaho, so let’s get ‘em up! 

Have you ever had your lights up for the holiday season and suddenly wished you could change the colors or pattern? Wished you never had to hang lights again? Dislike the bulkiness of Christmas lights? Hate to untangle them every season. Only to find out they are duds? Want to celebrate any holidays or sports teams with the proper colors? Want endless light options? Look no further as Infinity Lights from seasonal source is the choice!

One thing I noticed about the Infinity Lights brand compared to others on the market, is the way the lights face. Each bulb is facing outward like traditional Christmas lights. Whereas all other companies install with the lights facing down, thus the lights washout some of the house. The lights are virtually invisible during the daytime.

They are rated for 50,000 hours so if my math is right, which it usually is, thats 20 years if left on every night. There are lots of effects you can do with the lights, such as chase, strobe, blink and more. The system comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and we warranty our labor for 3 years. 

The install process is fairly easy with the right tools but the manufactures always suggest hiring a trained contractor. That’s where we come in. It starts with us coming to measure what you want done. We work up a quote and present it to you. Sometimes outlets need to be added in order to make sure there is enough power per 75 ft. We have a guy if needed. Most new houses come with outlets in the eves. We bring all the equipment and supplies, usually installation takes a day or two depending on size. The lights are installed in a channel the slide under the drip metal. A screw gets tossed in to secure to the trim. There are tons of matching colors of channels to make them near invisible during the day. If you have gutter sections you want lit, this is where the patented lights come into play. They fit in the top lip of the gutter. So a small hole get drilled, the light installed in the hole, and a water tight light cap screws over the light creating a seal. Infinity lights are rated for all types of weather. So you can ensure you get the most out of your infinity light systems. 

After the installation process you will get trained how everything works. You have a bridge that is connected to your wifi. So as long as your wifi is on you can change/turn on/off from anywhere in the world. Your receiver ( can have thousands of feet per receiver) is plugged into a power booster which is  You control the color/patterns via an app that is super user friendly.  Set it and forget it. Can set a theme or even multiple for every day. Now you can celebrate any holiday, sports team or simply use as accent lighting. Ever since I installed them on my house everyone on the block seems to love em. I get neighbors driving by twice or stopping to enjoy the set theme for the night.  My kids love to come up with their own themes and patterns. 

Overall I would give infinity lighting a serous look if you want to get a permeant lighting system on your house.